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I hope you have found the info, examples and tool(s) presented on my graphics LCD pages to be useful. Actually there is much more to graphics LCDs than the info presented here. Such as as fonts, text over graphics and so on... Since I broke my powertip PG12864-D LCD, it is unlikely that these pages will be expanded.

Here I have prepared a pdf pack for KS0108 and HD61202 based LCD modules.

gfx_LCD_pdf_pack.zip (327 Kb)includes these files :

  • HD61202U.pdf : datasheet
  • ks0108b.pdf : datasheet
  • hd61202.pdf : 8051 example with a HD61202 controlled LCD

Jerzy Kubisz (electronics eng. at Jagiellonian Univ. in Cracow, Poland) has written a program to load graphic data to HD61202 based LCD using the 8051 micro.You can draw your image on a 128*64 grid and save it ready to be included in your assembly source. Click here to download it.
I wrote a program called bmp2lcd to accompany Jerzy's program. It converts 128*64 black and white (1 bit per pixel) bitmap images to .lcd binary files The bytes in .lcd file are arranged to match the paging scheme used by KS0108 or HD61202 controlled graphic LCDs. You can draw your bitmap image with Microsoft Paint or some other graphics aplication, run bmp2lcd on it and using Jerzy's program mentioned above you can include it in your programs. Click here to download it.

I wrote a program in C to test a KS107/KS108 LCD connected to the printer port. It worked fine for a few days but now my LCD refuses to work (it pretended to do so in the past too). . I used two 74LS245 buffer chips to isolate the LCD from my printer port. Be careful about the /OE and DIR pins of the buffer chips. Finally If use this program you risk harming you LCD or your printer port, and lest such a thing should happen I assume no responsibility. Use it at your own risk. There are 4 executables in the archive: two are slow and two print negative image. Connections to printer port are in dLCDrtns.c . Please note that I am very new to C programming, before attempting to use this software. If you still want to download it, here it is. Source code is included

I have some fonts you can use with these LCDs. Click here to download them.

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