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I hope you have found the info, examples and tool(s) presented on my LCD pages to be useful. Here you will find an LCD pdf-pack for character type LCDs, and links to other LCD resources on the web.

char_LCD_pdf_pack.zip (649 Kb)includes these files:

  • commands.pdf : HD44780 Commands
  • HD44780U.pdf : HD44780 data sheet
  • LCDmanual.pdf : Dot matrix LCD manual from SHARP
  • lcd.pdf : The Concise LCD Data Sheet
  • Lcd_an2.pdf : LCD Serial Backpack App Note No. 2
  • pos&add.pdf : info on character position and address

    If you find this file too big to download or do not need all of the documents in it, here is a tiniy utility that will enable you to pick and download the files you want from the compressed archive.

    zipdl.zip ( only 8 Kb) It is a Win32 assembly program by Iczeleon, and the source is available.

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