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LCD Info Page

Here you will find information on how to use character type dot matrix LCD modules and some info on KS0108 (or compatibles) based graphic LCDs. The LCD Custom-Character Calculator from Scott Edwards Electronics Inc. and two other calculators to be used with KS0108 or HD61202 are also available here. And do not forget to play with the LCD simulators while learning how to use LCD displays. Launch the charater type LCD simulator or the graphic LCD simulator.

Information presented here will cover mostly parallelly interfaced LCD modules. If you are interested in serially interfaced LCD modules, I suggest that you should visit Scott Edwards Electronics Inc. web site ,where you will find serially interfaced LCD modules, and related application notes.

With the info and tools presented here you should be able to create effects like the animation below. You can use it to create vertically scrolling menus .Sure,such things are not essential, and require memory and processing resources, but they might make your project/product stand out from the crowd.

Animated gif

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